How to pawn your assets

Still a little uncertain about how our services work?
Let us break it down for you into 6 easy steps.

If you’re tech savvy, you can go ahead and fill out your details online and submit, or for a little extra TLC, call us for instant, over-the-phone assistance. Provide us with the details of your car as well as the amount of cash that you are looking to borrow against it.

Based on the initial information that we gather from you, we make you an instant offer.

Take your car to any one of our national Pawn Cars 4 Cash branches to be valued. Our team of professional evaluators with over 50 years of experience amongst them in the motor trade industry, guarantees you the best value for your car. In some cases, one of our pawn brokers could also come to you to value your car- convenience is key.

You’ll have some specific documents to fill out to complete the final paperwork to pawn your car with us.

One of our key benefits is same day cash availability, if everything is in order and you are able to provide us with all your required paper work, you could very well walk away with your cash in hand on the same day.

When you request a loan amount of R30,000 or more, you could get a free rental car to drive while you pay back your loan with us.